Promoting your store for fathe's Day!

We're sharing tips on how to increase sales for the holiday.
Father`s day

Father's Day, a holiday celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June, is just around the corner. This year, on June 18th, it's the perfect occasion for shoppers to find the ideal gift for their dads, and for e-commerce sellers it's a golden opportunity to skyrocket sales.

But why is Father's Day so significant?

With over 77% of men in the United States commemorating this special day, the popularity of Father's Day is only growing stronger each year. E-commerce sellers who can anticipate this festive trend have a unique chance to increase their sales, especially since 1 out of 3 gifts are purchased online. Don't miss out on the chance to make an impact - prepare your store for an unforgettable marketing campaign that will leave your customers coming back for more.

Celebrate Father's Day in Style with These Gift Statistics

As consumers prepare for this special occasion, we've compiled some exciting statistics on how Americans plan to celebrate.

  • When it comes to Father's Day gifts, sending cards is undoubtedly the most popular choice. In fact, Hallmark reports that US consumers purchase a staggering 72 million cards every year for this holiday, making Father's Day the fourth largest card-sending event in the country, following Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.
  • While ties and clothing follow closely behind cards as popular gift options for Father's Day, the most significant factor influencing American consumers' choices is the search for unique or special gifts (44%). Additionally, gifts that evoke special memories (37%) are equally important.
  • According to a recent survey, two-thirds (67%) of parents believe that a gift that triggers a special memory is more valuable and significant. Personalized gifts, which we have previously highlighted, are an excellent option for both Father's Day and Mother's Day, as well as for weddings.
  • With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, it's no surprise that the majority of consumers (40%) plan to purchase Father's Day gifts online, with 34% opting for department stores.
  • With these statistics in mind, there's no better time to start planning the perfect Father's Day gift to show your love and appreciation for the special man in your life.
  • The majority of men (54%) plan to purchase gifts for their parents or stepfathers. A small percentage (5%) will be shopping for their husbands, while 12% will be selecting presents for their sons. Grandfathers, brothers, friends, and godfathers will also be lucky recipients, with 6%, 9%, 8%, and 2% respectively.
  • Women, on the other hand, have their own unique gift-giving preferences. 45% of women plan to buy gifts for their father or stepfather, while almost half (47%) will be selecting something special for their partner. 10% will be shopping for their sons, and 4% for their grandfathers. Brothers, friends, and godfathers will also be receiving gifts, with 5%, 5%, and 1% respectively.

  • Last year's Gift Search Trends Analysis

    Although spring is in full bloom, the shopping fever for Father's Day gifts on Etsy is just about to erupt!

    The left side of our visual display showcases a line graph, which captures the 15-month search volume in the USA for the keyword "Father's Day gifts" on Etsy. Meanwhile, on the right, we have a pie chart that illuminates the countries where we found buyers for this search query.

    Now, let's delve into the eRank data for this period last year. In our article"What is eRank and how can it be utilized?" we thoroughly explained what eRank is and how to use it. As we analyze the data, it's fascinating to discover that searches for "Father's Day gifts" commenced as early as April 2022 with 2,000 requests. However, by May the number of search queries skyrocketed to a whopping 213,000!

    It's important to note that this is just one keyword related to Father's Day shopping. When you add another 75,880 possible queries, such as "Father's Day gift" - a singular query- it becomes clear that the holiday is highly significant for shoppers. Additionally, we counted 18 more holiday-related search queries that were already in the Top 1000 keywords for buyers in May 2022.

    Interestingly, the number of search queries peaked in June and then dropped again by the end of July. Therefore, if you're an Etsy seller, it's time to prepare your store for the upcoming holiday!

    Finally, you can also learn about last year's trends in the article "Father's Day in the USA"

    Get ready to boost your sales this Father's Day with our expert tips:

    1. Identify your target audience.

    It's important to know who your customers are and who they are buying for. Father's Day isn't just for dads, but also for grandfathers, uncles, mentors, and stepfathers. This means a wide range of people are making purchases, making it an ideal opportunity for marketplace sellers.

    2. Curate a collection of unique gifts.

    Create a blog post showcasing what's trending for Father's Day gifts and highlight your own products. Use eye-catching visuals such as videos and product photos to make your products stand out. Don't have a blog? No problem! Partner with bloggers who are looking for advertising opportunities.

    3. Send personalized emails with top 10 products suitable for a gift.

    Use email to showcase your top 10 Father's Day gift options. Highlight any special offers or personalization options. End the email with warm wishes for all dads and remind them that there's still time to order a unique gift!

    4. Leverage social media.

    Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok to share gift ideas and promote your products. Use relevant hashtags like #FathersDay and add your own unique tags to capture attention. This is a great way to increase your store's visibility and attract new customers.

    5. Boost your sales by offering exclusive Father's Day promotions.

    To attract more customers to your store, consider holding a Father's Day sale in mid-May or offering a 15% discount on selected items. You can also create a special price for gift boxes and provide extra perks like free gift-wrapping, personalization, or free shipping for orders over a certain amount. By providing these exclusive offers, you'll make your store stand out and increase your chances of making a sale.

    6. Ensure timely delivery to your customers.

    Planning in advance for delivery is crucial to ensure your products arrive in time for the holiday. The faster the product is delivered, the more likely customers are to choose your store. For delivery within 1-3 days in the US, use our fulfillment center in the USA.

    By storing your products in our warehouse, you can easily ship them out on the day of the order by choosing a local carrier. Another benefit of pre-planned delivery to our fulfillment center is economy shipping, which will save you money. For personalized products that need to be shipped internationally as quickly as possible, use our express delivery service.

    SkladUSA. You sell we`ll do the rest!

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    Promoting your store for fathe's Day!Father`s day

    Promoting your store for fathe's Day!

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