Preparing for Black Friday: Top Checklist for Successful Sales

Traditionally, we have prepared a checklist with recommendations from SkladUSA to help you efficiently navigate Black Friday in your store.
 Seller's Black Friday Checklist

Black Friday stands as one of the biggest retail events of the year! As sellers on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, you certainly wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to boost your sales during this festive season. To make the most out of Black Friday, we have curated a convenient checklist to prepare for the holiday, ensuring you are fully prepared to seize every opportunity.

November 2-5

Carefully go through your products, selecting those tailoredt for the holiday season. Check what was popular before and match it with what’s trending now. Make your product descriptions appealing to catch buyers’ attention during the festive rush.

Plan your sales and discounts thoughtfully. Decide what deals you want to offer during Black Friday. Think about enticing sales, free shipping, or special items created just for Black Friday, all designed to attract buyers. Set your prices in line with your profit goals, offering buyers great savings.

November 6-12

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of packaging materials, shipping labels, and any other necessary items to efficiently fulfill orders during the holiday rush. Stock up on these materials beforehand to prevent any delays in order processing and delivery.

Clearly communicate delivery deadlines to customers to ensure holiday delivery. Be mindful of potential shipping delays during the holiday season and provide customers with realistic expectations.

To avoid potential delivery delays, consider storing your products in ourfulfillment centers in the USA, UK or Poland. This way, you won't have to worry about shipping delays to customers. Utilizing our economy shipping option is also a cost-effective solution.

November 13-16

Set aside time to create high-quality photos of your products. Infuse the images with festive elements to evoke a holiday atmosphere and capture the attention of potential buyers. Whenever possible, incorporate brief videos showcasing your products within each listing. Videos serve as a potent tool to engage viewers and demonstrate products in action.

Additionally, remember to enhance your store's appeal by updating banners and profile images to reflect a holiday theme. First impressions are crucial, especially during this season, and they should harmonize with the festive spirit.

Ensure that all your current store listings include detailed descriptions and high-quality photos. Revise and incorporate keywords into descriptions and headlines, boosting the visibility and attracting more views to your listings.

November 17-22

Begin promoting your Black Friday offers and discounts on social media well in advance. Utilize attractive graphics and compelling content to build excitement and anticipation among your followers. Ensure you also inform your mailing list.

On the Etsy platform, enhance your efforts by enabling Etsy Ads to attract more customers and boost sales.

Schedule your promotional posts from November 24 until late on November 27, allowing time for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday mirrors Black Friday online, featuring sales in web stores.

Prepare for a rise in customer inquiries during the holiday season. Respond promptly to messages and provide exceptional customer service to create a positive shopping experience. Facilitate the process by creating a quick-access file for common queries. Additionally, include general questions and answers in the FAQ section for customers seeking information before reaching out.

November 23

On Thanksgiving Day, extend warm greetings to your American customers through social media messages, also reminding them of the start time and location of your sale. The ideal time to launch it is November 24 at 6:00 PM US time.

November 24 (Sale Starts)

Ensure that your planned sale begins promptly! Additionally, review the performance of your promotional posts.

November 25-27

Announce the continuation of the sale until Cyber Monday (November 27) and maintain active promotion.

Happy selling!

In this article we unravel the essential strategies for gearing up for the Black Friday frenzy, tailored especially for sellers navigating the digital marketplaces of Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. As the holiday season unfurls, it unfurls a vast opportunity landscape, ripe for amplifying sales and enticing new customers. Yet, as we explore, the linchpin to this prosperity lies in scrupulous preparation.

At the forefront of this is the imperative task of inventory assessment and product priming, a process akin to curating a dazzling shop window. Updated product imagery, nuanced descriptions, and strategic keywords together compose the artistry that enhances your store’s allure to prospective buyers. Forethought in crafting promotions and discounts, spotlighted through early marketing campaigns, lays the groundwork for a successful sales spectacle.

Equally pivotal is the realm of logistics and shipping – the silent architects of a seamless customer experience. Here, the strategic use of fulfilment centres stands as a beacon, warding off potential delivery dilemmas. Transparent communication regarding delivery timelines and potential delays forms the cornerstone of customer trust.

In the modern era, boosting sales happens through social media and creative ads. It's all about making interesting content that grabs buyers' attention. Rapid and adept responses to customer inquiries serve as the finishing touch to this carefully orchestrated symphony.

With meticulous preparation and methodical efforts, Black Friday becomes not merely a date but an opportunity – an opportunity to redefine success in the digital marketplace. Here's to a vibrant and lucrative Black Friday, and to an array of sales that stand as a testament to your expertise and acumen!

SkladUSA. You sell. We do the rest!

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Preparing for Black Friday: Top Checklist for Successful Sales Seller's Black Friday Checklist

Preparing for Black Friday: Top Checklist for Successful Sales

2023-11-03T03:49:00+02:002023-11-02T15:00:11+02:00Traditionally, we have prepared a checklist with recommendations from SkladUSA to help you efficiently navigate Black Friday in your store.