School Year 2023: How to woo cusotmers

This academic season serves as a call to action for brands and retailers to optimize their marketing endeavors, employing innovative strategies to entice an even greater number of customers into their fold.
School Year 2023

As the academic season unfolds, brands and retailers are eagerly poised to unleash the full potential of their marketing strategies, seeking to captivate an even larger customer base.

After enduring several years of remote learning, the resounding return to in-person classes heralds a new era for schools. It's worth emphasizing that back-to-school shopping stands as the second most pivotal period in the retail landscape, trailing only behind the winter holidays.

While inflation concerns have cast a shadow over retail sales in 2023, the preceding year showcased the unwavering significance of back-to-school preparations as a cherished consumer category. Anticipations run high as parents are projected to once again surpass previous records by investing substantially in gearing up for the 2023 academic year.

Analysis of search trends in the previous year

Despite the summer being in full swing, back-to-school shopping on Etsy is gaining momentum!

On the left side, there is a line graph depicting the search volume for the keyword "school" on Etsy in the United States over a period of 15 months. On the right side, a pie chart shows the countries where we identified buyers who were searching for this keyword.1

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It's worth mentioning that the analysis specifically concentrated on the keyword "school," which encompasses a total of over a thousand variations.

The purchase of back-to-school items online has become increasingly common compared to the pre-pandemic period. This can be attributed to the convenience that people have already adapted to. The use of smartphones for shopping is on the rise as people resume their active lifestyle.

Current key trends:

For back-to-school shoppers, cost savings will be a crucial distinguishing factor:

With inflationary pressures in mind, sales will play an even more significant role for students returning to educational institutions. It is not surprising, as school supplies saw a 7% price increase in 2022, while new clothing prices rose by 18%, according to Fortune.

Data from the MasterCard Institute of Economics on consumer credit card usage reveals that the majority of shoppers have resumed searching for advantageous deals and promotional discounts. Brand loyalty remains unwavering in this context, and with 77% of consumers stating they would switch brands if prices are too high, brands and retailers need to find new ways to cater to their former loyal customers before losing them.

While personal shopping is growing, digital technologies are expected to dominate:

In 2022, 49% of back-to-school purchases were made in physical stores compared to 43% in 2021. This indicates a significant rebound in traditional retail, although still below the pre-pandemic level of 56% in 2019.

Online stores are unlikely to face a collapse in the near future, as many parents have grown accustomed to their convenience and personalized offerings. In 2023, 42% of shoppers plan to utilize modern technology for online shopping.

Initiate your marketing efforts early, while keeping late shoppers in mind.

The back-to-school season spans from mid-July to mid-September, but consumers start seeking deals and offers even earlier. According to NRF, in 2022, 56% of shoppers began purchasing school supplies as early as the beginning of July, marking a 5% increase compared to 2021.

Regardless of whether it involves expanding budgets, anticipating potential product delays, or capitalizing on deals and promotions, consumers are eager to gain an advantage in their back-to-school purchases. Therefore, it is advantageous to commence preparations for back-to-school campaigns and marketing initiatives as early as possible.

For retail merchants, offering discount coupons that customers can utilize for future back-to-school purchases can be an effective method to enhance sales during this period. However, keep in mind that the back-to-school season is a lengthy one. Remember to cater to both last-minute shoppers and those who prefer to plan ahead.

Simplify the shopping experience for parents.

The back-to-school season can be a hectic time for parents. Help them streamline the purchasing process by making it easier for them.

One way to simplify school shopping is by providing guides or checklists. These can assist consumers in understanding what items they need to buy. Include links to the products, allowing shoppers to make purchases directly from the shopping list.

Offer back-to-school bundles: In 2022, 46% of shoppers purchased pre-packaged sets of school supplies as it saved them money and reduced the time needed to find everything they needed before the start of the school year. These bundles can include everything from essential school supplies to snacks, high-tech devices, and sports equipment. This allows for stock consolidation, increased basket size, and revenue growth.

To enhance your marketing efforts during the back-to-school season, consider implementing special discounts and promotional events:

Focus on targeting back-to-school shoppers by offering them exclusive discounts through dedicated promotional campaigns.

When it comes to the back-to-school season, teachers also go through preparations similar to students. However, they may have different priorities and budget constraints that affect their purchasing decisions. This presents an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves by giving special attention to teachers and providing them with discounts.

Generate captivating contests and sweepstakes.

Promotional contests or sweepstakes are effective marketing strategies that can provide motivation, especially when coupled with valuable prizes or rewards. To extend your reach even further, incorporate influencers and promo codes into the mix!

Integrate social media shopping into your strategy.

According to a Deloitte survey, 35% of back-to-school shoppers are planning to utilize social media platforms for their purchases. The direct shopping experience offered by social media platforms is gaining popularity due to its unique customer interaction.

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School Year 2023: How to woo cusotmers School Year 2023

School Year 2023: How to woo cusotmers

2023-07-11T05:42:00+03:002023-07-10T15:49:57+03:00This academic season serves as a call to action for brands and retailers to optimize their marketing endeavors, employing innovative strategies to entice an even greater number of customers into their fold.