How to increase traffic and customers on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon

Get external traffic with Pinterest
Etsy, Amazon, Shopify store development with Pinterest tools

There are many paid marketing tools that help increase company profits. But we live in a time when each penny of the budget is extremely valuable. Therefore, marketers and business owners resort to searching for alternative and free methods of promotion.

One such way is the social network Pinterest. For Ukrainians, it is mostly associated with a platform for inspiration, ideas, and creativity. And for the residents of the USA, it is not just a social network, but also a tool for advertising goods, which makes it possible to buy an item in one click, thanks to links to your store in the descriptions under the photo.

According to Similarweb statistics, over the past 3 months, the first place in traffic from social networks on Etsy is Pinterest (30.12%), the second place is YouTube (28.91%), the third is Facebook (15.09%)

This shows that Pinterest is a popular social network to increase and drive traffic to Etsy. The most active buyers on Pinterest are residents of the United States.

Interestingly, YouTube is more effective for other e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Shopify). Therefore, conducting video blogs with an overview of new products, products, tips or daily routine - still remain in trends and an effective scheme. It is under the video in the description that you can leave a link to your store and this way you will get additional traffic. But remember that the quality and context of your video should drive the customer to buy.



If your store is on YouTube and Pinterest, it will increase the recognition of your brand and the number of buyers.

Tips for running a Pinterest page to drive Etsy traffic

  • Sign up for a business account on Pinterest so you can track your stats
  • Fill in your information, be sure to include keywords and a link to your Etsy shop
  • Create boards and name them as product categories in your store
  • Systematically update the photo content of your boards
  • Generate promo codes on Etsy and add them as links under photos on Pinterest. So you will know which photo the customers came from

Test, analyze, research your audience and share your results in our social media groups.

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Analyzing the main trends
How to increase traffic and customers on Etsy, Shopify, AmazonEtsy, Amazon, Shopify store development with Pinterest tools

How to increase traffic and customers on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon

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