Economy shipments

At SkladUSA, we understand that shipping is a crucial aspect for businesses. That's why we offer a cost-efficient solution for shipping goods to US recipients. With our economy shipments, we provide express delivery to the US with last mile delivery by local US carriers.

For our international customers, we offer the option to send their shipments to our strategically located warehouses in Cambridge, Lodz, and Riga. We consolidate all the shipments and deliver them to our US facility in Minnesota through our expedited delivery partners, typically within 1-2 days. Upon arrival in the US, we seamlessly inject them into USPS or FedEx for last mile delivery, which takes 1-5 days.

By choosing SkladUSA, you can rest assured that your goods will be delivered to your US customers swiftly and cost-effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Quick deliveries to U.S. recipients, arriving in just 3-8 days
  • Unbeatable rates that are comparable to even the most affordable postal services
  • Avoid customs delays and seasonal postal backlogs
  • Send your orders to our facilities in the UK, Poland and Latvia using your own preferred carriers or select from our network of trusted partners if our rates suit your needs
  • Fast and reliable deliveries mean satisfied customers, positive reviews, and increased sales
* Packaging materials pricing is available in WMS system

We warmly welcome any and all inquiries and encourage you to contact us at your convenience.

Our team is always here to provide timely and helpful assistance to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

What last mile carriers in the U.S. can I use for delivering economy shipments?

All economy shipments are seamlessly delivered via:
- USPS, with deliveries typically taking 2-5 business days
- FedEx Express, with deliveries usually taking 1-2 business days
- FedEx Ground, with deliveries typically taking 2-5 business days

How long does it usually take for economy shipments to be delivered to the U.S. facility?

1-2 days from the UK or Poland
3-5 days from Ukraine

When will economy shipments be injected to U.S. carriers for last mile delivery?

If the economy shipments arrive at our U.S. facility before 11am, they will be injected to USPS or FedEx on the day of arrival.

How to calculate the shipping cost of an economy shipment?

Please use our calculator, allowing you to easily determine the cost of delivery for each package from our UK or EU warehouse to your recipient + the cost of delivery for all items from your location to our UK or EU facility.

How can I get economy shipments to the SkladUSA warehouses in the UK or EU?

You are welcome to drop off your shipments, utilize your own trusted carriers, or take advantage of our discounts from partner carriers.