Selling goods on Amazon without unnecessary complications

The SkladUSA company provides a unique opportunity - to trade in the USA, without any problems and restrictions. We are always ready to help sellers sell their goods on the Amazon marketplace using the Order fulfillment center.

Why it is necessary

The warehouse is engaged in routine work, 
and you - your business

Any business is constantly evolving - and you should always keep up with it and ensure its scale, as it develops.

This means that you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing and sending the goods, but focus on expanding the business through advertising and other manipulations. The SkladUSA company is ready to take over all routine on packing and delivery of goods.

Why we

We do our best to
you are the only ones left
the most pleasant things

Many years of experience

Our advantage is many years of experience in the field of fulfillment services.

Large parties

We guarantee that there are no problems with processing a large number of orders and their delivery to the buyers.

The location of the warehouse

The warehouse in the USA is located in the state of Minnesota, thanks to which we deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse or to the buyer at a good price.

Favorable conditions for you

Our services are available to anyone who wants to sell in the United States and worldwide. We are always ready to discuss special conditions for clients.

Ongoing support

Technical support 
works for you

If you have any questions, feel free to contact technical support - we will help you deal with any problems.

If you have personal requirements - be sure to contact us and we will find a compromise.

Our responsibilities

Increase sales,  and we'll do the rest

You no longer have to worry about shipping, packing and storing goods. Develop your business, and SkladUSA will take care of the product.

The list of our services is not exhaustive, all unspecified works are performed at a special rate - 35$/hour (minimum 30 minutes)

Acceptance and registration of goodsup to 3 days
Storage in warehouses up to 14 days - free, then:
$35\month — 1\2 pallet,
$50\month — full pallet
FNSKU stickerfor needs
Completion and packagingfor needs
Formation of a set of several products+$0.25 per each next item (excluding packaging costs)
Liner handling: attach or remove$0.10 for each
Sending to Amazon warehouseaccording to carrier tariffs

Choose what  
works best for you

$1.00for 1 load*

20-100 units of goods per month

sum of all sides from 60 cm to 100 cm, weight up to 2 kg

$0.80for 1 load*

100—1000 units of goods per month

sum of all sides from 60 cm to 100 cm, weight up to 2 kg

$0.60for 1 load*

more than 1000 units of goods per month

sum of all sides from 60 cm to 100 cm, weight up to 2 kg

* for pricing on oversized items please contact customer service