There are many formalities, but then no
your problems!

Sales of goods abroad are associated with many formalities and situations that require an individual approach to the decision. In particular, one of the important issues concerns the return of products. There are many nuances regarding the import of goods into the country.

What can go wrong

We will protect you from mistakes and help
to overcome those that arise

Even if your goods are of good quality, the shipment is made in compliance with all the criteria of the transaction and without delay. And it is important to understand that there can be many problems with the return, for example:

  • Insufficient information

    If you sell products on specialized American sites, for example, sell through Amazon, eBay, etc., you must provide the address of the warehouse in the United States, where the return will be sent;

  • Improper storage of products

    You need to take care of the proper storage or disposal of products, depending on whether it is suitable for further sale;

  • Return is a luxury

    Organizational issues in such shipments are quite difficult to resolve, and the cost of delivery is high. This often leads to financial losses instead of expected earnings.

Unique service

Assistance in registration of floods and fast sales of products

There are few fulfillment centers in the United States that accept and process goods returned by buyers. There are even fewer organizations that send products to a foreign seller, and if such a service exists, it will not be cheap.

As for SkladUSA, it can be called the only partner that offers a wide range of services and does so on favorable terms.

Our responsibilities

Your trade in the US will be as optimized as possible
will bring the expected income


We will help with everything and even more

Receiving and processing returns from any American sites – Etsy, Amazon, eBay;
Product review, photo report;
Adding products to inventory, processing of its repeated order;
Complete set of return;
Replacement of packaging (if necessary), gluing FNSKU;
Sending the goods to the Amazon warehouse, if you work with this site, or storing the goods in our warehouse for sale.
Individual inspection of goods - by arrangement (electronics, packaging card check)
Creating a paid return label for the buyer (shipping price);

Make a return of the goods by FBM

Our customers have access to the express delivery service directly to the buyer. This service will provide maximum delivery speed at the best price!​

Specialized centers

We have extensive experience with returns of foreign goods, so perform it quickly and professionally

Resale without return

Resell products returned by one of the trading platforms without making a "return"

No recycling

There is no need to organize the disposal process, because it is included in the return services of FBA or FBM

Quick return

If necessary, the back link will be made in a short time and at a reasonable price

Why it matters

Professionally organized return of goods on Etsy, Amazon, ebay guaranteed

Working with SKLADUSA, you have the opportunity to immediately add it back to your FBA inventory and sell it soon.

Of course, some of the items marked "customer damaged" will not be implemented. But in practice, 95% of returned goods are resold and fairly quickly. As for payment, financial issues are also resolved quickly and without problems - a refund on eBay, Amazon or Etsy.


Prices for processing returns FBA and FBM

Return processing up to 7 days. Express acceptance of return within 2 days at double rate
If any action is not selected within one month from the moment the return was entered into the SkladUSA system, the product will be disposed of.
Storage of returns for the first 2 weeks is free.

Volume up to 60 cm,
Weight up to 1 kg
Volume 61—100 cm,
Weight up to 2 kg
Volume’єм 101—150 cm,
Weight up to 2 kg
Volume up 150 cm,
Weight up to 10 kg
To clarify the price for larger sizes - contact the warehouse.