Online arbitration is the basis profitable sales

Online arbitrage is the search on the Internet of certain products to compare prices with Amazon prices. After studying the market, there is a possibility of a more profitable resale of goods on this site.


Trade things simply — without 
packing and mail

When the product is found, you immediately buy it and order shipment to the warehouse of the company that provides fulfilment services. From there it is sent to the buyer or to the Amazon warehouse.

Financially profitable

Your financial investments are minimal;

Business development

You will expand the list of product categories and make sales on Amazon more profitable;

Lack of trademark

You do not need to worry about opening your own brand;

Reputation enhancement

You get the opportunity to fully meet consumer demand, increasing your own reputation as a seller.

Our responsibilities

Your trade in the US will be maximized and
will bring the expected income

We accept and take into accountup to 7 days
Free storage up to 14 days, then:
$35 — 1\2 pallets,
$50 — 1 палета в місяць
FNSKU stickerfor needs
Packagingfor needs
A set of several products$0.25 for each (without price per box)
Working with inserts$0.10 for leather
Sending to Amazonat the rates of carriers
The composition of the FBM

Prep center in the USA 
need №1 for trade abroad

With its help you can solve all organizational issues, do it quickly and efficiently, increasing the level of customer service, receiving positive feedback.

You can not worry about receiving payments and refund procedures, the formalities associated with them will also be resolved.

More about the warehouse

Обирайте те, що  
Choose what

$1.00for 1 load

The sum of all sides up to 60 cm, weight up to 1 kg

$1.50for 1 load

The sum of all sides is 60-100 cm, weight up to 2 kg.

$0.60for 1 load

The sum of all sides is 100-150 cm, weight up to 5 kg.

About us

Work with SKLADUSA 
convenient and profitable

SkladUSA is one of the few companies offering quality and inexpensive fulfilment services. For you we offer:
  • the price of services is maximally accessible, is discussed individually with the client;
  • fulfilment company conducts transparent activities, works under official agreements;
  • delivery to America is very fast, there are no restrictions on the number of units, volume and weight of cargo;
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