A client of SkladUSA, hereinafter referred to as the Sender, delegates to SkladUSA, hereinafter referred to as the Company, the right to postal registration and transfer of their packages to the carrier.

The company guarantees prompt delivery of the Sender's packages to the carrier within the stipulated timeframe. The Company takes full responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of the packages from the moment of receipt until they are transferred to the carrier.

Receipt of the package by the Company. We confirm the receipt of the Sender's package by completing the accompanying documents and providing a tracking number to the package.

The Company takes full responsibility for the safekeeping of packages located in its branches and storage facilities. However, packages delivered directly to the carrier by the Sender are not covered under the Company's liability. Nonetheless, the Company extends its assistance to the Sender in resolving any disputes that may arise with the carrier.

The Company bears responsibility for the safety of the sender's goods in the warehouse in Minnesota from the moment the goods are entered into the WMS system.

Goods are entered into the WMS system once they are counted upon receipt.

The quantity of goods entered into the WMS system reflects the calculated amount and may vary from the quantity indicated by the Sender at the time of shipment.

In the event of a confirmed loss/damage or shortage of goods in the warehouses is confirmed, the Company commits to offering compensation to the Sender.

Our compensation process follows the industry standard set by top prep-centers in the United States, including Amazon. We prioritize fairness by calculating the compensation amount based on the cost of goods, which is determined as 50% of the value stated in the invoice. This ensures that our clients receive a fair and just compensation for their goods.


Insurance from SkladUSA

SkladUSA has mandatory insurance coverage for all FBM orders within the US.

With SkladUSA's insurance coverage, you're covered for the cost of a LOST package throughout the entire delivery process, from our warehouse in any country to the final recipient in the USA. The service fee of $0.20 is automatically added to the order price, the maximum compensation amount is up to $100.

If you require additional shipment insurance against damage or if the order value exceeds $100, you can opt for carrier insurance when creating an order. Please note, however, that this service is only available for deliveries from the warehouse in the United States and does not apply to orders during consolidation transportation enroute to the warehouse in Minnesota.

SkladUSA's additional liability coverage is limited and does not extend to the following scenarios:
- Shipments dispatched from SkladUSA's Minnesota warehouse internationally via USPS International, APC Logistics, DHL Worldwide, or FedEx International.
- Shipments that are returned to the sender for any reason (incorrect address information, the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, etc).
- Shipments that have been marked as "Delivered" in the tracking record.
- Shipments that have been damaged during transportation.

To ensure timely processing of compensation claims, we kindly request that you submit your claim within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of your SkladUSA shipment. To facilitate the review of your claim, please provide the following necessary documents:
- An invoice from PayPal or a marketplace to verify the transaction details.
- A screenshot of the sale on the marketplace where the order was placed.
- A link to the product purchased.
- A screenshot of the official correspondence with the buyer from the marketplace where the order was placed, in which the buyer confirms that they did not receive the shipment.

P.S. Please be advised that if a lost order is later found/delivered after compensation has been granted, SkladUSA reserves the right to request a reclaim the previously disbursed funds.


We utilize the services of the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship orders within the United States. If the package cannot be delivered to the intended recipient, it will be returned to the sender, SkladUSA’s warehouse in Minnesota.

Please note that USPS First Class shipping, which is designed for packages weighing up to 434g (16oz), does not include insurance coverage from USPS (only SkladUSA’s mandatory insurance). On the other hand, USPS Priority shipments weighing more than 434g (16+ oz) automatically include insurance coverage of up to $50. Customers have the option to purchase additional insurance from USPS at a rate of $1.10 for every $100 of the maximum insurance premium.

All economy shipments are handed over to USPS within business 24 hours. Please note that are cases where the tracking updates may take up to 1 week to be reflected in the USPS system. We would like to emphasize that SkladUSA cannot be held responsible for any issues related to the shipment or for the lack of updates on a tracking number once it has been transferred to the carrier's possession.

If the status of your package has not been updated for more than 14 days, we kindly advise you to contact SkladUSA support to submit a search request to the carrier. In the event that the search proves unsuccessful, customers may contact SkladUSA support to file a claim for compensation from the carrier or SkladUSA insurance. Please note that this claim must be submitted within 60 days from the USPS service receipt date. To ensure timely processing of your claim, please provide a confirmation of the shipping cost, such as an invoice or transaction screenshot from the marketplace. Please be aware that the compensation process may take between 3 to 6 weeks to be completed.

FedEx (USA)

SkladUSA utilizes FedEx, a global express carrier, to deliver packages to recipients in the United States. When choosing FedEx delivery, it is crucial to ensure that all information provided, including the address, email, and recipient's phone number, is accurate to avoid any potential returns.

In the event of a return, please be aware that the cost of shipping the package back to SkladUSA in Minnesota will be the responsibility of the sender, in addition to the original shipping fee. If either the sender or recipient wishes to forward the package, please note that there will be a fee of $18 on top of the original shipping cost. It is important to note that this fee will be charged to the sender.

When shipping from the USA via FedEx, please note that packages are automatically insured up to $100. In order to initiate a claim for compensation, you must provide confirmation of the shipping cost, and an invoice or transaction screenshot of the sale on the marketplace. Claims for compensation can be submitted no earlier than 7 days after the shipment date and no later than 90 days.

APC Logistics (Delcon)

SkladUSA in Minnesota utilizes the services of APC Logistics in Chicago to ship packages to recipients internationally, this is an economy service. APC Logistics acts as an intermediary by handing off packages to a local carrier in the destination country for final delivery to the recipient.

In the event that delivery to the recipient is not possible, the local carrier will return the package to APC Logistics in Chicago. This process can take up to 4 - 8 weeks. The cost of returning packages to APC Logistics and reshipping them to the buyer or for a return shipment (only possible to SkladUSA in Minnesota) is charged separately in addition to the original shipping cost.

All APC shipments are insured up to a maximum payment of $100. In order to initiate a claim for compensation, you must provide confirmation of the shipping cost, and an invoice or transaction screenshot of the sale on the marketplace. Claims for compensation can be submitted no earlier than 45 days after the shipment date and no later than 90 days.

Economy EU

In case the shipment cannot be delivered to the recipient due to incorrect address or unavailability of the recipient, the cost of returning the shipment to the carrier's warehouse is $5.
If the shipment is returned to the carrier's warehouse, it can be redirected to a new address.
All shipments are automatically insured for $2000.
Delivery to PO Box is not possible.

In case the delivery to the recipient was unsuccessful (if the recipient's address was incorrect, the recipient was unresponsive, etc.), the cost of returning the shipment to the carrier's warehouse is $5.
The return delivery time frame depends on the recipient's country.
The shipment is automatically insured for $25.

Economy shipping

If the carrier confirms the loss of the entire consolidation, compensation will be charged at a rate of $26 per kilogram of actual or dimensional weight.

Please note that SkladUSA cannot guarantee the ability to locate and modify an economy shipment, such as changing the delivery address, once it has been processed and sent for consolidation.

Express shipment

SkladUSA uses DHL and Fedex for direct delivery of shipments to recipients. SkladUSA is responsible for the safety of the Sender's packages that are in the Company's branches until the packages are handed over to the carrier. SkladUSA is not responsible for packages handed over by the Sender to the carrier on its own, but assists the Sender in providing the carrier with information about the loss and damage of shipments, as well as related compensation payments by the carrier.

If the sender has opted for the carrier's additional liability service, the compensation amount in the event of loss or damage will be determined using a rate of $26 per 1 kg of actual or volumetric weight. A claim for compensation can be made between 7 and 90 days from the dispatch date. The cost of forwarding a shipment initiated by either the sender or recipient is $18.

If the package requires customs clearance upon arrival in the recipient's country and they refuse to pay the associated fees, the package will either be returned to the Sender or disposed of. It is important to note that the cost of returning the package may be significantly higher than the initial shipping cost, and disposal fees may also apply.

Additionally, if the package is returned to Ukraine and its estimated value exceeds the country's customs limit, customs fees will be charged. The Sender is responsible for covering the expenses of return, disposal, redirection, and customs clearance in addition to the initial shipping cost.

Address correction

Cost of address correction (fee charged by the carrier):

USPS: $14.95
Fedex/DHL: $18

Packing recommendations

The packaging of shipments should prioritize safety and suitability for the potential load during transport. The contents should not shift within the packaging, and voids inside the box should be avoided to minimize the risk of deformation.

Additionally, the "Fragile" mark should be used if necessary, and minimal crosswise tape should be applied to the outside of the package. Further information regarding carrier-specific packaging requirements can be found on the relevant pages for Express Delivery and Economy Shipping.

To calculate the volumetric weight, use the formula (L x W x H) / 5000.

The shipping girth formula is (Minimum Side*2 + Middle Side*2 + Largest Side*2).