Unleash the potential of your store for Independence Day

Americans celebrate Independence Day, the biggest national holiday, on the fourth of July.
Independence Day

This day commemorates the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776, which declared the country's independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The significance of this event is reflected in its date of occurrence - July 4th.

The first organized and elaborate celebrations of Independence Day took place in Philadelphia in 1777, and many of the elements of these celebrations have since become traditions. For instance, some of the traditions that originated from the celebrations in Philadelphia include honoring the colors of the flag, hosting parades and setting off fireworks. Another tradition that emerged was to raise toasts - one for each state. Consequently, it is an opportune time to showcase products in the colors of the flag, products with stars and other items that can capture the interest of potential buyers.

How this day is celebrated in the USA

Americans anticipate this holiday as they typically spend it with their families and desire it to be flawlessly executed. Of those who observe July 4th, a staggering 95% intend to make purchases for the occasion.

This is why patriotic-themed home and picnic products are perfect for celebrations, such as tablecloths or napkins adorned in the flag's colors, candlesticks shaped like the Statue of Liberty and other items featuring national symbols are also greatly sought after.

It is time to prepare for holiday sales!

When we examine the sales data for Independence Day 2022 in America, we can see that the keyword search for "Independence Day" on Etsy begins to increase in popularity in the latter half of May and reaches its peak in June. This indicates that it is time to get your marketplaces ready for the upcoming holiday sales.

The statistics provided are based on the eRank. Information on how to use this tool is available in our article titled "What is eRank and how can it be utilized?"

Buyers tend to prepare ahead of time for holiday purchases. It is therefore recommended to send them advance emails with a selection of products that can enhance their holiday experience and make it unforgettable. This will assist them in quickly selecting and purchasing your products.

Offering a discount on your goods will attract even more customers! A discount can boost your store's sales as 62% of people who celebrate the 4th of July tend to buy more items on sale, and 36% use coupons when shopping for the holiday.

The most sought-after products for Independence Day

The most sought-after products for Independence Day in America are those featuring patriotic symbols and the colors of the flag. Products in blue, red, white with star prints and stripes are guaranteed to catch a buyer's eye. Here are some details about each category of goods:

  1. Disposable holiday items such as paper plates and plastic cutlery are in high demand, with 37% of Americans purchasing them. Многоразовые товары на стол, но с символикой к празднику.
  2. Reusable tableware with holiday symbols, such as engraved or appliqued flags, coats of arms, the Statue of Liberty, star symbols and other US state symbols, are also popular.
  3. Festive decor for yards and homes is a must-have for every American. Decorations featuring national symbols like flags, pillows, plaids, pouffes, paintings, and more are always in high demand during the holiday.
  4. Accessories shaped like stars or flags, including earrings, bracelets, beads, and keychains, are also popular.
  5. Clothing is no exception. T-shirts, bags, purses, hats, and even branded pet clothing are quickly making their way into American shopping carts.
  6. Masquerade costumes are also in high demand, with Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty, and the eagle being the most popular images for July 4. Costumes are useful for those planning to attend a parade or a fun party, so it's worth offering products that can help create the perfect holiday image.

Prepare for holiday sales beforehand

Take advantage of SkladUSA's services and get your holiday sales ready early! This will assist you in competing effectively with local sellers. After all, 73% of consumers start shopping for July 4 celebrations at least a week ahead of time.

It is time to ensure that our warehouse in Minnesota is fully stocked with the necessary goods or expedite delivery to secure sufficient inventory. We are pleased to remind our customers of the advantage of a free 14-day storage period. Additionally, with consistent sales, our customers can enjoy free storage.

Benefits of storing goods at our fulfillment center in the USA:

● cost savings on economy shipments from Ukraine to the US;

● quick delivery times for customers in the US and Canada;

● saving time on preparing, packing and sending orders to your clients;

● receiving and processing returns from customers with the possibility of further resale.

For more information on the services we provide at our fulfillment center, please visit our website.

SkladUSA. You sell we`ll do the rest!

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Unleash the potential of your store for Independence DayIndependence Day

Unleash the potential of your store for Independence Day

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