Etsy seller account

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Etsy seller account and go through the main steps of creating the first listing step by step. You will learn how to effectively present your product to attract more buyers and increase sales.
Etsy seller account

Welcome to the world of Etsy, an international trading platform where every artist and craftsman can find their place. Creating a seller account on Etsy is the first step towards opening the global market for your unique products. The next step is filling out your first listing, which is a key moment in your Etsy business. Filling out a listing on Etsy requires attention to detail. Every aspect of your listing—from product photos to descriptions, pricing, and tags—must be carefully thought out. After reading our article, you will know exactly what you need to prepare a quality listing for your product. If you are new to Etsy and have not yet registered as a seller, we recommend reading our previous articles "Registration in Payoneer – the first step to creating a store on Etsy" and "Registering a store on Etsy from Ukraine." Also, for visual learning, check out our "SHOP ON ETSY – STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE" on YouTube.

With this information and resources, you will be able to successfully start your journey on Etsy.

Account features:

On the Etsy platform, users can use a single account for different roles — both as a seller and a buyer. This is very convenient as you can manage your store, sell products, and also search for and buy items from other sellers without the need to create an additional account.

For your convenience, you can translate the page into your preferred language.

Dashboard On the dashboard of your Etsy account, you will find useful recommendations from the platform on how to effectively manage your store. Etsy provides valuable tips on how to optimize your listings, improve customer interactions, and increase sales. These recommendations are based on the analysis of successful practices and current trends in marketplace sales, making them an invaluable resource for every seller looking to grow their business on Etsy.


In the "Messages" tab on your Etsy Dashboard, you will be able to actively communicate with buyers, receive official letters from Etsy, and view unread messages. This section serves as your business mail, where you can quickly and conveniently interact with clients, discuss order details, or resolve any issues. Regularly checking this tab will help you stay connected with your clientele and respond promptly to requests, maintaining a high level of service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Orders & Shipping

In the "Orders" tab, you will find a complete list of all orders. Here you can not only view the details of each order but also manage them: confirm orders, ship products, track delivery status, and address returns and compensations. This feature provides centralized management of all orders, which helps to optimize the processing and shipping processes, facilitating more effective management of your store.

Star Seller

The "Star Seller" status on Etsy is a recognition of high-quality service, quick delivery, efficient order processing, and positive communication with customers. To earn this status and receive a star from Etsy, sellers must meet several criteria:

• Message response: must respond to 95% of customer messages.

• Average customer rating: must be at least 4.8.

• Timely delivery and tracking: 95% of orders must be shipped and tracked on time.

• Number of sales: at least 5 sales.

• Total sales amount: at least $300.

Achieving "Star Seller" status not only boosts customer trust in your shop but can also enhance the visual appeal of your profile on the platform, contributing to increased sales.

Growth Tips

"Growth Tips" on Etsy is a specialized section where sellers can receive personalized advice for developing their store. These tips are based on the analysis of data from your profile and are aimed at increasing sales and improving the overall efficiency of the store. Etsy uses algorithms to determine which aspects of your business need improvement and provides specific steps for their implementation. The success of sellers directly affects customer satisfaction and Etsy's financial indicators through sales commissions. Therefore, the platform is interested in your development and offers genuinely useful tools for achieving your business goals. Using "Growth Tips", you not only increase your sales but also contribute to the growth of overall customer satisfaction on Etsy.


Allows you to view all information about your accounts, including expenses, income, and transaction history. Here you can manage your financial operations, which is a key aspect of running a business.


Provides the ability to manage your store's advertising campaigns, create promo codes, launch sales, analyze search analytics, and much more. These tools help increase the visibility of your store and attract more customers.


Presents useful applications and tools that can be integrated with your Etsy store to improve its efficiency.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions concerning working on Etsy and the technical aspects of the platform. This section is an important resource for problem-solving and learning.


Provides the ability to change previously provided information about accounts, shipping policies, and also change the name of your store. This section allows you to adapt your Etsy store according to your current needs and market conditions.

In the dashboard, clicking on the shop icon gives you the opportunity to edit the visual profile.

Personalizing your shop on Etsy - when setting up your Etsy shop profile, you have the option to choose between adding a large or small banner. The choice depends on how noticeable you want to make your shop:

A large banner serves as the "face" of your shop and occupies a significant space on your shop page, offering more room for creative design. A small banner is more discreet and takes up less space on the page, ideal for a simpler design. It's also important to add your shop's logo. The logo serves as a crucial part of your shop's brand and helps customers recognize your products. The choice of logo should reflect the core ideas of your business and be easy to remember. The size of the logo on Etsy is standardly 500 x 500 pixels.

Using these design elements not only helps your shop stand out but also ensures better visual perception of your brand by customers.

Information about the seller's persona on Etsy - to make your profile as attractive and informative as possible for potential customers, it's important to carefully approach its design. Adding your photo to the profile helps create a more personal connection with customers and makes your shop more trustworthy. Choose a high-quality photo that represents you well.

Also, it's recommended to include keywords related to your products in the profile description to improve your shop's SEO on Etsy and help potential customers find your products more easily.

Working with the "Listings" Section on Etsy - In this important section, you will find all your active listings, including those created during the registration of your shop. If you need to make changes to an existing listing, simply select it and click on the edit option to update the product information, add or change photos, adjust prices, or update the description.

To add a new listing, you simply need to click the "Add Listing" button located in the top right corner. A form will open where you can enter all the necessary information about the new product: from the name and description to the prices and shipping details. This gives you the opportunity to quickly respond to market changes or expand your product range according to the needs of your customers.

We provide all the information based on how we filled out the listing when registering our shop on Etsy. You can view the form in our article "Registering a Shop on Etsy from Ukraine."

Publishing and Managing Listings on Etsy - After entering all the necessary data for a new listing, you have several options. You can save the listing as a draft to return to it later, preview it before publishing to ensure all details are correct, or publish it immediately. If this is your first listing, we recommend using the preview feature to potentially correct any errors.

If you have similar products in your assortment, you can create duplicates of existing listings and make the necessary changes, such as photos, titles, descriptions, and more, before publishing. This simplifies the process of adding similar products and saves time.

By mastering these features, you will be able to effectively place your products on Etsy. Remember that successful management of a shop on this platform requires regular attention and management, so we recommend staying active and continuously updating your listings.

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Etsy seller account Etsy seller account

Etsy seller account

2024-05-17T05:58:00+03:002024-05-15T14:55:13+03:00In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Etsy seller account and go through the main steps of creating the first listing step by step. You will learn how to effectively present your product to attract more buyers and increase sales.