Fast delivery 
from Latvia to Australia

The valuation method FOB means that the payment amount is calculated only from the cost of the imported goods.

Customs duty

From 0 to 10%. Some products are not subject to customs duties (eg laptops and other electronic products).

Sales tax

10% of the amount of FOB.

Threshold for duty-free import

Parcels with a FOB value of 1000AUD (≈738.6USD) are not subject to customs duties or sales tax.


above all

When the customer can not wait for his order for a long time - will save only express delivery, which saves time, and registration through the system SkladUSA, even money.

Maximum choice of options

You can immediately see all the delivery options and the cost of services and you can choose the best option

Cost Control

Your expenses are always under control, because all payments go through your personal account in the SkladUSA system

Formation of shipments in one click

Automation of orders from your stores in your personal account allows you to automatically generate shipments

Always on time

Your customers will not have to wait for their orders, because speed and deadlines are the main advantages of express delivery

Terms of express-delivery

Choose the best delivery methods

We work to ensure that you receive the maximum quality of services and a wide range of them, which is why:

  • Express delivery is possible to any country
  • Parcels are sent every day
  • Orders arriving before 11:00 are dispatched the same day
  • Shipping cost depends on the weight of the item: actual or volume (W x H x D / 5000). A large amount is taken for the calculation
Variations of cooperation

Sending immediately to
buyer from 3 days

Fastest delivery of orders around the world: America, Canada, Australia, European countries and Oceania.


From $21

From 2 days

USA, Canada

From $30

From 3 days


From $38

From 6 days

The optimal combination of delivery cost
and delivery time.


From $27

From 4 days

USA, Canada

From $23

From 5 days


From $30

From 7 days

Cheapest delivery of orders to Australia, European countries and Oceania.


From $19

From 5 days


From $28

From 7 days