What sells the best on Wish

What product categories are most in demand among Wish marketplace buyers?

Wish is an international marketplace that has the highest rate of development today. Already today, the mobile application ranks 15th in the world in the category "E-commerce and shopping / marketplace", and it is visited daily by more than 10 million users. Therefore, it is not surprising that SkladUSA customers have begun to actively consider this platform to promote their products.

What sells best on Wish? Consider the main categories that most interest users of this online platform.


First of all, the marketplace itself is designed to satisfy the main interest of users in entertainment. Filters help to easily find products that are related to leisure and hobbies.

In addition, the platform itself actively encourages buyers who have hobbies, relevant offers and discounts.

What do users most often choose in the "Hobby" category:

Everything for home fitness: from fitness ribbons to yoga mats and towels, massagers.

Handicraft products: stencils, embroidery patterns, photo albums and scrubbooks, photo albums, tools, stamps, accessories for storing needlework tools, threads and fabric.

Collecting: dolls and accessories for them, figurines, game weapons.

Goods for animals: clothes, beds, nests, collars, toys.

Entertainment: constructors, educational games and puzzles, all for gardening

Makeup & beauty

The growing popularity of beauty bloggers is leading to increased online sales, especially in the beauty category. Regular online reviews of products, new approaches to maintaining health and beauty of the body increase the interest in such products from potential consumers.

What products do Wish users pay attention to in this category:

  • Protective masks
  • Dry shampoos, soap
  • Women's hygiene products
  • Wigs and hair accessories
  • Non-traditional remedies: massage stones, ear candles, etc.
  • Gadgets

    Everyone's life has long been subject to modern devices and it is not surprising that very often there is a desire to replenish their arsenal. And one of the most economical ways to find something to your liking today is the Wish marketplace, which often offers lower prices than AliExpress.

    Products in demand in the category "Gadgets":

  • Gadget stands and chargers
  • Watches
  • Robotic toys
  • Accessories for equipment
  • Home Decor

    This category is almost always the sales leader and allows you to include a large number of subcategories. And in the approaching holiday season, everyone is looking for good and affordable ways to give the house a festive mood.

    What are you looking for in this category:

  • Festive decor
  • Decor for serving
  • Plaids, pillows, bedspreads
  • Vinyl stickers, wall prints
  • Storage solutions
  • Baby & Kids

    A big section, because children are constantly growing and needs and interests are also changing very quickly. That's why parents often look into Wish, where it is not expensive, but practical products for their children. Therefore, there are many subcategories:

  • Goods for babies: bedding, clothes, costumes for photo shoots
  • Carnival costumes
  • Home party products
  • Products for development: toys, books, kits for creativity
  • Children's clothing
  • Toys
  • Wish Express

    Finally, don’t forget the most important category of them all: Wish Express.

    The Wish Express category is a category on Wish reserved for products that qualify for the Wish Express fast shipping program. Products listed in the category are all items that can be delivered to customers within 5-working days, along with valid tracking information.

    Even better, products appearing in the Wish Express category, appear in their regular category too – giving listings double the exposure with no more effort.

    SkladUSA offers its customers:

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    What sells the best on Wish

    What sells the best on Wish

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