Easter: How Ukrainians Can Increase Etsy Sales

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There is one month left until Easter, which, unfortunately, means that you cannot be completely sure that a physical order will reach the recipient from Ukraine, since the war greatly affects the logistics routes.

But even problems with possible delivery times should not get in the way of Ukrainian Etsy sellers from making a profit, because this year the United States is ready to spend about $156 per person on preparing for the holidays, and the DIY trend can come in handy.

In addition, the wide support of Etsy Ukrainian stores allows you to tell more about yourself to the world.


Popular queries in Ukraine now are:


It is also important to pay attention to such related search terms and categories:

  • Yellow and blue
  • Ukrainian png
  • I love Ukraine
  • Stand with Ukraine
  • Ukraine PNG
  • Ukrainian flag
  • Blue Yellow Flag
  • Ukraine shops
  • Pray foe Ukraine
  • Ukraine print
  • Love Ukraine
  • Freedom for Ukraine
  • Ukraine art
  • Ukraine storks
  • Etc


(given as an example)

Key Easter Trends

What can you offer Etsy users for the Easter holidays, knowing what the Americans are planning this year:

48% buy new clothes, spending an average of $25.91

61% buy gifts, spending an average of $20.82.

46% buy postcards

39% buy flowers or floral decor for an average spend of $9.49

43% buy decor, spending an average of $9.11.


By offering electronic products to users looking for outfits, you can take advantage of such trends.

1.The desire to do something with your own hands, rallying as a family. Here it is important to offer step-by-step instructions, master classes on creating new clothing items.

For example, these can be patterns for children's costumes, methods for applying Easter prints on T-shirts, embroidery, stencils.

2.Easter prints. The opportunity to offer author's Easter prints will be most welcome, especially since this is in line with another trend - the reuse of things. Suggest how you can update an old thing with the help of your drawing, and you will increase the number of fans of your store.

The main motifs for Easter: floral motifs, rabbits and bunnies, chickens, Easter eggs, birds, which is interesting - scrambled eggs, etc.

  • 3.Amped-up pastels. The trend toward embracing bolder colors is ringing true for Easter. While softer pastels will still be a mainstay, brighter tones of pinks, yellows, and purples are catching shopper’s eyes.
  • Quilted textiles. A reverence for old things like reclaimed quilts continues to grow. Especially interest in clothing with quilted textiles and embroidery is expected to rise.


Personalization remains a top trend for gifts, so consider holiday monogramming, such as for clothing or Easter baskets.

And the use of ethnic Ukrainian motifs along with traditional Easter prints can further increase interest in the store.



(given as an example)

Also, when offering gifts for gifts, it is worth remembering that on Etsy, compared to 2020, the number of requests with the phrase “plant lover gift” has increased by 83%.


In addition to prints, leaflets and posters, plant lovers can be offered special planners for the care of indoor plants, intellectual games related to interesting facts about plants.

And, of course, personalized embroidery schemes, such as floral monograms.


During Easter, most of the requests will concern, of course, decoration. Therefore, instructions for painting pysanky, master classes on shkryabanks, etc. may become the most relevant here.

In addition, it is relevant to offer posters on Easter motifs and offer instructions for creating Easter tree designs.

The use of Ukrainian ethnics and symbols will be more appropriate than ever.

And finally. Easter is a good time to share your family holiday recipes with the world, because everyone knows that the most delicious Easter is Ukrainian.



And the funds received for such goods can be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Easter: How Ukrainians Can Increase Etsy Saleseaster ua

Easter: How Ukrainians Can Increase Etsy Sales

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