Consolidations: advantages and rules

How to send goods to a customer abroad in the cheapest way?

Consolidated shipments are one of the most popular SkladUSA services. Save on US shipping costs with consolidations, at the warehouse in Minnesota, your parcels are collected in a single shipment, which allows them to be delivered at the most favorable rate from the carriers.At the same time, the sender pays exclusively for the weight (physical or volumetric) of his shipment without packaging, which can be additionally ordered at a warehouse in the USA, from where, upon the arrival of the consolidation, the goods are sent to their recipients by the method you have chosen

How to create a consolidation in the SkladUSA system, our small instruction will remind you.

Consolidation benefits

  • the cheapest method of sending for parcels up to 5 kg (since it combines many small parcels).
  • if the weight is greater, it is necessary to check the expediency of sending using the consolidation in the calculator on the website:
  • the order is delivered to the final recipient through a warehouse in the USA
  • there is no need to pack your goods in advance, which reduces the cost of shipment, because it is prepared for final shipment already at a warehouse in the USA
  • delivery time 5-8 working days to the final recipient
  • the cost is only $ 6 / kg to a warehouse in the USA (in the Latvian representative office there is a tariff of $ 7 / kg)

Consolidation measurements

To calculate the cost of a shipment, you must correctly check the dimensions of the shipment.

Maximum sizes for sending consolidation via FedEX:

70cm x 40cm x 45cm (70 см х 37 см х 56 см - for Latvia)

Maximum actual or volumetric weight to ship - up to 30 kg

Volumetric weight calculation

Width x Height x Length / 5000

Consolidation shipment packaging

The advantage of consolidated shipments is that there is no need to additionally pack the goods, which means that you do not need to pay for extra space. The main thing is to protect the shipment from possible damage (moisture, mechanical damage, etc.) if necessary. SkladUSA specialists will do the rest for you


When registering a shipment in the SkladUSA system, you can choose the type of packaging in the US warehouse: from ordinary to gift with a postcard

Labeling rules

When preparing the shipment, maximum attention must be paid to order marking in order to minimize the risks of loss of goods.

Correct marking is available in the SkladUSA system when registering a consolidation


In the case of sending goods for storage to a warehouse, the lack of marking from the SkladUSA system with a barcode or incorrect printing of the marking (the barcode cannot be read) entails additional costs - $ 1 per unit of goods

If you have any questions, please contact our support team:

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Consolidations: advantages and rulesconsolidation

Consolidations: advantages and rules

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