How to prepare for Black Friday 2022 and increase sales?

Checklist for Etsy Sellers of the Sale Period

Millions of customers are waiting for Fantastic discounts and great deals on Black Friday. Therefore, sellers need to prepare for the main sale of the year. In addition to Black Friday, you can encourage interest in your store with additional offers. Since November is generous with informational reasons:

November 11 - World Shopping Day (Singles' Day)
November 24 - Thanksgiving Day
November 25 - Black Friday
November 28 - Cyber Monday

Traditionally, we have prepared a checklist with recommendations from SkladUSA, so that you can effectively spend Black Friday in your store.


November 7 - 13

  • Please check all your store's policies and shipping times carefully.
  • Add delivery termination dates to your listings, use one of the 10 photos in the listing for this, and place the information on the store banner
  • Increase delivery times for consolidated orders up to 10 days, FedEx express - up to 7 days, DHL - up to 10 days. This way you will avoid negative reviews and maintain your reputation

November 14 - 17

  • Check all current store listings for descriptions and photos
  • Update and add topical keywords in descriptions and titles. This will increase the visibility and impressions of your ads
  • Add short videos of your products to each of your listings
  • Make sure your sale is scheduled with Etsy Marketing or the Etsy on Sale app

November 18-23

  • Use Etsy's Shop Updates feature to further inform customers about your offers. The more people know about you, the more sales you will get
  • You can additionally attract the attention of buyers and encourage them to make a purchase by enabling Etsy Offsite Ads. Your ads will appear on Google search, Facebook, Instagram and other partner sites
  • If you have a social media following, post and spread the word about the upcoming sale

November 24

  • On Thanksgiving Day, post on social media reminding you when and where your sale will start (6pm US time is best)

November 24-25 (Thanksgiving Night/Sale Time)

  • Make sure your planned sale starts on schedule!
  • Schedule your ad posts from Thursday to late Friday evening

November 25

  • Get ready to make a big buck from orders! And we will help with fast and reliable delivery

And that's not all!

November 26 - 28

  • Announce the extension of the sale until Cyber Monday (November 28) and continue active promotion. Cyber Monday is an analogue of Black Friday, only with sales in online stores

Good luck!

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How to prepare for Black Friday 2022 and increase sales?

How to prepare for Black Friday 2022 and increase sales?

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