Why fulfillment centers, as SkladUSA, are an important part of today’s e-commerce?

Why fulfillment centers, as SkladUSA, are an important part of today’s e-commerce?

Fulfillment centers allow e-commerce sellers to outsource warehousing and shipping. This helps online businesses to forgo unnecessary cost of renting space to store all their products, and is beneficial for merchants that do not have the capability to directly manage their inventory. Sellers send merchandise to the fulfillment center, and companies like SkladUSA ship it to customers for them.

Inventory management is a predominant operational problem for many e-commerce merchants, but is an essential component of promoting the best possible customer experience. Fulfillment centers make inventory management easier and allow online sellers more time to focus on other important areas of business.

What are of the key inventory management problem?

The main issue for many online sellers is overselling their stock, when merchants have more orders for a certain item than they have the inventory to ship. Online stores have to cancel customer’s, which leads to lost revenue and poor consumer service. If an angry customer writes a review about overselling, it will discourage potential sales from other buyers. Outsourcing fulfillment eases control over inventory management.

Furthermore, many smaller e-commerce stores face issues with picking and shipping. Mispicks are selecting the wrong product or quantity for an order. Misships happen when the wrong item is sent to a customer. Because ecommerce storeowners have a great deal of responsibilities to handle, shipping issues become a risk. In particular, this type of inventory problem damages customer satisfaction.

Using a fulfillment center to manage inventory and ship to customers.

Online retailers have two options for managing inventory with a fulfillment center: receive and review items before sending them to the fulfillment center or have the product shipped from the manufacturer directly to a fulfillment center. A fulfillment center gives you the capability to scale your business in the future. If you plan to launch new product lines in the future, fulfillment will not require as additional attention. Outsourced fulfillment speeds up the time you can launch a new product in your online store or a marketplace like Ebay, Etsy or Amazon.

SkladUSA full fulfillment service improves shipping and returns processes. Because we ship a high volume of parcels, we are able to get better shipping rates than an individual online store could on its own. By lower the shipping costs merchants often offer free shipping to customers. SkladUSA fulfillment center send package tracking numbers to all clients, who then pass the information on to customers.

SkladUSA makes your returns process very simple, it’s one of our main services that many fulfillment centers do not take on. Returned merchandise can be sent to our fulfillment and prep center instead of your place of operation. This gives storeowners more flexibility and ensures there are fewer issues with processing. We issue a prepaid label for return shipping, that you email it to your client. You, the merchant just need to issue refunds when necessary, rather than coordinating return shipping.