Warehouse in the US is  your competitive advantage

UK marketplace sellers (Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.) need to provide fast delivery to get closer to US customers. This problem is solved by storing the goods in a warehouse in the US


Benefits of  
SkladUSA FBM Fullfilment

  • Savings on shipping from the UK to the US through wholesale, not single shipping
  • Reduce the time to deliver goods to customers in the US and Canada
  • Save time on preparing, packing and sending orders to the customer
  • Receipt and processing of returns from customers with the possibility of further resale

When it makes sense to choose  
FBM Fullfilment from SkladUSA

  • If you have many customers from the US and Canada
  • If you don`t have a personalized product
  • When you sell more than 5 units of goods per week

How to send products  
to SkladUSA warehouse

Our responsibilities

Services provided   by the warehouse

Keeping goods in stock in the US saves time for market vendors (Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.) not only on delivery, but also on routine tasks (packaging, accounting, shipping, storage of goods), which distract from the main task - to increase sales

The list of our services is not exhaustive, all unspecified works are performed at a special rate - 50$/hour (minimum 30 minutes)

Acceptance and registration of goodsup to 7 days
Storage in warehouses up to 14 days - free, then:
$35\month — 1\2 pallet,
$50\month — full pallet
Acceptance of payment from the buyerwith PayPal, cards or other payment systems
Completion and packagingfor needs
Formation of a set of several products+$0.25 per each item after third (excluding packaging costs)
Delivery of ordersaccording to carrier tariffs
Delivery check according to accompanying documentsfree
Processing returnsRead more
Sending goods to the buyer from our fulfillment centeron the same day, if the order was created before 12:00
Providing a track numberon the same day
Photo of the goods to the buyer$5 for 3pcs

The cost of the order 
depends on the volume


sum of all sides up to 40 cm


sum of all sides up to 40 cm


sum of all sides 81—104см


sum of all sides up to 105см

* the price of the box and shipment is not taken into account