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When you use Amazon FBA, your customers benefit from the quick and easy processing of Amazon’s returns. Returned goods that can be sold will be immediately returned to your Amazon FBA stock. However, everything marked “customer damaged” is considered non-sellable and will be discarded. Judging by the return our customers receive, 95% of the goods can be sold again, without much expense. SkladUSA help you deal with this important part of the process of returning Amazon FBA. Specify our warehouse for your returns, we will check the items, and upload the photo for each return. We can send the products you classified as sellible back to your Amazon FBA inventory and dispose of goods that can not be resold. Your returns from market places such as Ebay or Etsy will be processed and added to your inventory in our warehouse. Upon further sale of this product, we will process the order as any other order at FBM pricing.

In today’s e-commerce, online returns are a crutial part of business, be it Amazon, Ebay or Etsy.
With Amazon it’s simple, you have no choice, if you sell through Amazon FBA all returns go back to the warehouse. There they are added back to your inventory or anything marked “customer damaged” is not considered sellable and will be discarded. If you send your goods from abroad, then you must have a returns address in the U.S., this is the Amazon policy.

If you sell on Ebay, Etsy, or some another site then the international return of a product can cost you a lot of money, as an international shipping from the U.S. is very expensive.
So, what to do in such cases? There are very few fulfillment and prep centers that offer returns logistics services, and most of them do not work with clients from abroad. And even they do not have specific prices for such services.
Processing returns is one of the key services of SkladUSA, we have experience with returns logistics. Return strategies have become more complex and with this complexity, it is possible to use technology as means of minimizing costs and in some cases, monetizing part of these revenues.

Processing FBA and FBM returns

$1.50 - 3.00 / any number of units
  • Up to 31" - $1.50
  • From 31" to 41" - $2.00
  • From 41" and up - $3.00
  • Acceptance of returns up to 7 days. Express acceptance of return within 2 days on a double tariff
  • Receiving returns
  • Product Status Report Photos
  • Completing returns if missing products
  • In case of damage to the box we will replace it with yours, or with ours for an additional charge
  • Shipping returned goods for new FBM order or to Amazon FBA warehouse
  • Individual product verification - by agreement (electronics, going through product packing lists)
  • Storage of goods in our warehouse until further sale
  • Creating pre-paid return labels for the buyer (cost of shipping)
  • Removal and putting on new FNSKU
  • Instructions on product returns from Amazon